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    A Legally Gray Product
    There are a number of reasons for the increase in transaction laundering for CBD sales. Most notably, CBD exists in a gray area legally, which, in our experience, greatly increases a product’s risk for transaction laundering. Although hemp-derived CBD was removed from the DEA’s schedule of controlled substances, the FDA has not yet approved CBD as a food product or dietary supplement, and many states in the US still consider CBD a controlled substance. This creates opportunity for cybercriminals, who may be able to easily and legally obtain CBD, but then market it in ways that violate regulatory standards (such as labeling it as a dietary supplement) or selling it to unauthorized jurisdictions (such as states where it is considered a controlled substance). Payment service providers should always be aware of the risks inherent in products that exist in legally gray areas.
    By David Khalaf on April 30, 2019
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LegitScript’s expert analysts recently identified a merchant engaged in transaction laundering for CBD sales who was posing as a nail salon merchant. See the illustration below to read how we caught the merchant.

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